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Mike Cobb has been a resident of Palo Alto since he was 9 years old. He attended Jordan Junior High and was a member of the Campanile staff at Paly. Cobb served on the Palo Alto City Council from 1981-93, including two terms as mayor. Today, he runs an advertising firm, Mike Cobb Associates.

[edit] Memories

Cobb's various memories were printed during the Palo Alto Centennial in 1994.

"I was a paper boy for the Palo Alto Times from oh, about age 12 until 14 or 15..
"I was famous for having the longest, biggest paper route. It covered something like seven miles and 200 houses...You know where the cemetery is in south Palo Alto? Behind there, there used to be a turkey farm, and that was the farthest reaches of my route...I remember folding all the papers and always seeing headlines like 'Bloody Bayshore claims another victim.' I can't tell you the number of car accidents there used to be on that road. It was an undivided highway and the main connection between north and south, with lots of intersections along the way.
"Jack Varian had the coolest car in high school. I had a '44 Ford convertible, which was pretty cool, but his car was a lot newer. He had a post-war model, customized, the works. He would cut the biggest 'brodies' in the school parking lot - burning rubber, practically doing 360s...I was kind of a n'er do well, hung out with the tough crowd. Everyone of my friends from high school went to jail except for me. Really."
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