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PreSchool Family (PSF) is a parent education program that serves families with children ages birth through five years. It was founded in 1946 and is a part of the Palo Alto Adult School and PAUSD.

The program offers parents an opportunity to learn about parenting and actively participate in their child(ren)'s education. It also offers education experiences for children.

The PSF Mission Statement reads:

To serve parents and young children in a way that nurtures, respects and educates each individual in a developmentally appropriate environment in order to build strong families and communities.

[edit] Parent Education

Parent education includes required parent participation in preschool classrooms and adult classes. Thus, parents both learn in a classroom environment and have hands-on training by working with children and teachers.

[edit] Children's Program

The children's program uses play-based curriculum to encourage interest in art, music, motor development, cognitive skills, science and social relationships. According to the PSF site, it believes that "spontaneous, voluntary, self-directed play provides children with greater cognitive, physical, and social understanding of the world around them."

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