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The Palo Alto Wiki (PAW) is intended to share well-organized and ample information of lasting value about Palo Alto and its surrounding community, with the intention of giving the visitor a useful experience in what it might be like to live here or nearby. The threshold of notability is lower than at Wikipedia®. Wikipedia® makes a long list of policy disclaimers about what it is not, but PAW includes democracy, civics, citizenship, the free press, governmental transparency, autobiography and other vital aspects of specifically American society and government and with vital role of the Fourth Estate in American democracy, with traditional liberal, the enlightenment in the grand spirit of American journalism ethics and standards and specifically adult and professional American journalistic objectivity.

Some of the disclaimers of Wikimedia and Citizendium apply. The copyright policy of this web site is more liberal than Creative Commons in that we do not require attribution, but we simply express our appreciation when such attribution is made.

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