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Fix errors

If you are reading an article and notice a factual error or typo, go ahead and fix it. If you are unsure of how to make an edit or a change, make a comment on the article's talk/discussion page. Remember to end your comment with four tildes (~~~~), which will sign and timestamp your comment with either your username or your computer's IP address.

For more on editing: Intro to Editing | Cheatsheet

Create new articles

Any red links in an article point to pages that don't yet exist. It may be red because the creator of this link didn't know the correct name for an existing page on the same topic. Or, s/he might have made a spelling mistake. You can either fix the link or, if it is nonexistent, start a new article. You can see a list of all such pages at Special:Wantedpages.

A brand new article can also be created by searching for it. If there is no article on the subject, you are prompted to "create this page". However, you must make sure to create at least one link to the new article from another article. This ensures that your article does not end up being a dead-end page.

Help other users

You can help new or existing users by answering any of their questions posted at the Help Desk or on a talk page. Please be polite and courteous when responding to any questions or comments.

Where do I start?

It's best to simply start with what you know: your neighborhood, groups you're involved in, areas you're interested in...and go from there! Any of these resources should help you out: Getting Started, Help Main Page, Intro to Editing

You can also find random pages to work on by going to the "Special Pages" link in the toolbox, which is located in the left-hand side navigation bar. There, you'll find links to a list of:

  • Wanted Pages: Pages that users have linked to in articles but that do not exist yet. You can start one that you know about.
  • Dead-end Pages: Pages that do not link to any other page in the wiki. You can help out by going to any of these pages and creating internal links.
  • Orphaned Pages: Pages that are not linked from any other page in the wiki. You can help out by creating a link to them in another article.
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