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JLS Middle School
JLS Middle School

Jane Lathrop Stanford (JLS) Middle School is one of three middle schools in Palo Alto. Its mascot is the Panther. The school serves approximately 900 students and employs about 63 teachers.


480 E. Meadow Drive, 94306
Principal - Don Cox; Secretary - Judy Lukensmeyer
Tel - 650-856-5188; Fax - 650-856-3248

[edit] History

The land on which the school was built was owned by three farmers by the name of Diss. The three sold out to architect Joseph Eichler, who donated the land for JLS and next-door neighbor Fairmeadow Elementary School.

The school was built by architects Birge Clark and Walter Stromguist. After it was first built, it was considered one of the most beautiful schools in California due to its state-of-the-art classrooms, tri-level lighting, balanced colors, and a modern 50s design. Today, much of the architectural design remains, including the sloped roofs, large number of windows, and long buildings (wings).

The school was originally called Ray Lyman Wilbur Junior High, and opened in 1953. Wilbur was one of the early presidents of Stanford University. When the school first opened, it had 31 teachers and 650 students. Wilbur Junior High's mascot was a Warrior, and its colors were scarlet and gray.

In 1978, the ninth graders that attended Wilbur were moved to high schools, and by 1985 all 7th and 8th graders in the district were attending the school due to closures elsewhere. At that time, the name was changed to Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School in honor of Jane Lathrop Stanford. With the change in name also arrived a change in the mascot to the Panther and a change in school colors to blue and white.

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