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Palo Alto's long and vibrant history has made it a cultural center complete with numerous local musicians and groups, a variety of nearby museums and art centers, and a colorful mix of theaters and performance groups. Palo Alto also has a thriving downtown area filled with shops and eateries.

Stanford Theater

El Camino Youth Symphony

Mural by Greg Brown

Lucie Stern Theater

Featured Article

Palo Alto Players

Palo Alto Players is the oldest theater group on the Peninsula at 76 years old. The organization has weathered both the Great Depression and recessions throughout history. It is made up both of actors who enjoy acting after work or aspire to a career on the stage.

The theater group has consistently put on well-regarded shows, staging comedies, dramas and musicals in a blend of classic and current. The Players look for a timeless script with a good story when deciding what to perform next.

The Players' success has also been fueled by the Lucie Stern Theater on Middlefield Road. Many theater groups struggle for space in the pricy Bay Area. For instance, the Menlo Players Guild lost the Burgess Theater when it was demolished in 2002 after structural damage. Read more... | Archive

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