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Carlton Sneed Fiorina is a Silicon Valley businesswoman running for the U.S. Senate seat.

Professional career

In 2005, Fiorina left HP with a severance package of $42 million. This included unprecedented and extensive expenses for her personal security, including expenses to improve security in residence in Woodside. HP was later sued over the size of the severance package.[1]

In October 2006, Fiorina released an autobiography, Tough Choices, about her career and her views on such issues as what constitutes a leader, how women can thrive in business, and the role technology will continue to play in reshaping the world. In the book, she singles out Cooltown with the line "I could hardly contain my delight and excitement at seeing Cool Town."[2][3]

Outside judgments on Fiorina's tenure at HP are mixed. In 2008, Infoworld grouped her with a list of products and ideas as flops, declaring her to be the "anti-Steve Jobs" for reversing the goodwill of American engineers and for alienating existing customers.[4][5]

At the time of Sarah Palin's 2008 selection at Republican Vice Presidential candidacy, Fiorina came to Palin's defense.

In her politics, Fiorina's views run along conservative lines. Fiorina is pro-life, pro-business and free-trade and for globalization, for more government control over Internet content and she opposes the current version of Obama Care.[6][7][8][9]


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